Keep your mobile
audience engaged.

Mobile is the future of digital publishing. Native apps help you keep your audience engaged even when they are on the go.

BlueToad’s native apps help content creators
maintain contact with their audience.

Be part of the journey.

Readers consume your content on different devices and platforms throughout the day. Make sure they have access to your content throughout their consumption journey.


Maximize your reach.

BlueToad supports native apps for Apple, Android (including Kindle Fire), Windows devices, accounting for over 95% of the mobile market. And with BlueToad, one setup fee includes all supported native applications.


New monetization opportunities.

With a native app, you can leverage ad spaces like the app banner, app ticker, issue interstitial page, issue presentation page, and media deck to gain new revenue opportunities.


Your content, offline.

BlueToad native apps support downloadable content for off-line viewing. Give your audience the ability to enjoy your content at anytime.


Keep your audience close and engaged.

Deliver messages and alerts directly to your audience’s home screens with mobile push notifications.